Week 1: Someone Whose Work I love


Olga Ziemska is an artist I found on accident. Lately I have been very intrigued by artists that emphasize the beauty of the natural environment in their work. I can appreciate quite a few artists of the 21st century that incorporate their artistic vision into unassuming natural areas. Such artists I admire and define as being in this genre are: Cornelia Konrads, Anna Gillespie, Andy Goldsworthy, Christo and Jean-Claude, Walter Mason, Richard Shilling, and Robert Smithson (among several others which I am not yet aware of). I respect those who get their inspiration from natural surroundings because I find nature to be the most beautiful art there is, thus I have a special attraction to sculpture that enhances and brings attention to the elegance of nature.


Olga means “of the Earth” and seems to be fitting. This passage is taken straight from her website, it is part of her artists statement in the form of a poem:

“Returning meaning back to nature. Making the human body a part of the whole, not the whole part.
Blending the body in. Showing how easily it can mesh, morph and disappear.
The body is nothing without that which surrounds it.”

This describes what her art means to me very well, the last line especially. In several of her installations she incorporates parts of the human form into natural materials and natural areas. The raw materials she uses such as wood and shell are vital to the feel of her art. These materials give me the feeling of an untamed and unassuming beauty. From some of her pieces I get the feeling of the interconnectedness of nature and  the body.


Out of the several artists who work with the land, natural materials, and the natural environment I picked Olga Ziemska because her art really spoke to me. Rather than just drawing attention to a natural area or material she incorporates the human form into it and it makes me want to take another look and really explore my emotional connection to the piece. In a word it is powerful. The use of human figures and form makes me relate on another level besides that of just natural beauty, it connects the body to the environment.











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