The basic idea was that I wanted the finished project to be useable. I wanted to make a wine rack because that is something that could make an easy present or I could use in my next house where there isn’t a wine rack. I wanted something that was functional and necessary. 

When confronted with the piece I want the viewer to think functional, smooth, sensible. I used a palette because I look at them everyday and really wanted to see if I could make something worthwhile or beautiful out of one. Maybe it was a “one mans trash another ones treasure” thing. Anyways, I also sanded all the pieces and rounded the corners on the front to make it smooth. The joints were sensible because they make the rack more secure. I only used palette wood. The poster I thought worked well with the color of the stain and the overall feeling. 

I learned I can make something useful out of a stupid palette. I also learned to feel comfortable with using power tools. I feel more confident if I should have to woodwork in the future. If I had to do it again I wouldn’t have gotten sick so I could have had more time. I also would have picked a better palette so I wouldn’t have to spend forever sanding and cutting down a piece of wood I didn’t need. 



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