Project Statement for Body Mods

So this project was about using squishy materials to communicate something about “how you experience the physicality of your human existence”. I was hung up on that last part for quite some time. I decided to base my piece on changing one’s perception. As I described during my critic, I often actively think about how I can view the world differently each day. I despise routine and I often find myself daydreaming of how I could view my world differently. I think that is why I am so in love with surrealist art and fantastical films. Anyways, I wanted to do something that challenged the norm. I wondered what the world would be like if humans walked on their hands instead of their feet and had eyes on their feet instead of their head. So, that in a nutshell was my project. 

When confronted by the piece I wanted the viewer to think about this idea of a change in perception. Ultimately, I hoped viewers would have other ideas of how the world can be viewed differently and take those thoughts with them throughout the day. In order to achieve this I took an ordinary item, a shoe, and tried to take the essentials from it to transform it into shoes for my hands. I hoped that by taking something common and well known like a shoe, the viewer would understand I was only changing its placement rather than its function.The gloves I chose to use as shoes are a bright yellow that reminded me of those weird shoes that have individual toes that everyone owns now. I sewed on the best material that I could find that mimicked the comfort of rubber soles but was still able to be sewn onto the glove. I cut the gloves down on the wrists and weaved in shoe laces. I made eyes on my feet out of nylon to make it seem like it was as skin-like as possible. I used a long skirt for the purpose of covering my face and most of the harness supporting me. I wore black legging-pants because I thought form fitting pants of a soft material and unobtrusive color would be best to not distract from the hand shoes and eyes. 

When I see the picture of the finished product Im not quite sure what to think. I have gone through a wave of feelings towards this project and Im not sure where I stand now. In the beginning I was incredibly frustrated while trying desperately to come up with a thing that encompassed how I experience the “physicality” of my existence. I didn’t. I felt a lot better after deciding on what I wanted to accomplish. Then I thought that it was a stupid idea and would never come together, come to find I really suck at doing hand stands. I was elated when I figured out how to suspend myself upside down and during the first test I was optimistic and having a fun time trying out the borrowed harness. After I looked at the picture from the critic and I saw how creepy my head looked I decided I don’t know how to feel. Besides the obvious like learning how to make hand shoes and eyes out of nylon, I think the most important thing I learned was the creative process. I now know what to expect for other artistic projects in the future. I learned to not rely too much on how the viewer judged the piece and more of how it made me feel. I honestly have no idea what I would do differently if I were to do it again. Perhaps change the idea entirely, and here comes the indecision…. 


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