Week 11: Someone ancient whose work would still be relevant today

Its somewhat hard for me to say what would or would not be relevant today.

It seems that we have greatly changed our definition of what art is good art from the definition the Masters of ancient times had. However, as cliche as it sounds, I think Michelangelo would still be relevant. Im not saying all of his works and paintings and such because his figures to me seem very 16th century Italy and might not be as admired in today’s art galleries as they once were (who knows). I think of one piece in particular, his Pieta marble statue done in 1500.




I am captivated by this piece. I find it delicate and fragile and enigmatic. I think Michelangelo is trying to show many things in this piece. He is giving emotion to a moment from the bible. There is a portrayal of pain from the Virgin to the dead Jesus. Mary looks young, innocent, and angelic. This is significant because most other artists portraying the Pieta made Mary old.  “When we gaze upon this masterpiece it’s as though Mary’s outstretched left hand beckons us to share with her, the profound grief caused by the death of her son.” (http://www.rome.info/michelangelo/pieta/) From the folds of the drapery to the catching of Jesus’s hand on the cloth, the piece is graceful. The marble is vital to communicate the level of grace and delicacy that he has. It appears so soft, or smooth, so angelic. 

My overall impression of Michelangelo? One of the greatest artists of all time. The more I study his pieces and learn about his life I realize I have jumped on the bandwagon, I am inspired by him. And I think there is a reason why he felt it was necessary to carve his name across Mary’s breast and thus let everyone know he claimed this piece of his in particular. 







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