Final Project Statement




So here’s my last project for 3D visual fundamentals… 



So… I worked really fucking hard on this project and I hope that the time and effort I put into it is apparent. This is definitely my favorite project I’ve done all semester and I am surprised that it came together pretty much exactly the way I had planned. (I know I put more time and thought into it than any other.)

I wanted this piece to be about what I experience when I read. Reading is a favorite pastime of mine, although I admit I haven’t had much time for the recreational side of it lately. When I read I am captured in the story, freely allowing my mind to wander to other realms where anything can be possible. I try to recreate this experience in everyday life, one of the reasons for why I am so obsessed about perception I think. I wanted this piece to be whimsical and fun and display in our common 3 dimensional space the things from our imaginations that are possible to recreate in real life. I want the viewer to let their soul wander and just have an enjoyable experience seeing this piece. My highest hope would be that they could somehow identify with my experiences of reading books and allowing the impossible and fantastical to be real. 

In order for me to achieve what I was trying to communicate and how I wanted the viewer to react I did a few specific things. All of the objects used are non-abrasive and fun. The lotus flower is one of my favorites for its form and symbolism so I decided to have that “growing” out of my beautiful old stained and tattered red book. I love dragonflies and, like butterflies, I find a certain fantastical quality about them so I decided to cut out about a million of them from the lovely musty smelling weathered pages. Something about  air balloons screams adventure to me, and many others I am sure, so that was the vehicle for my little secret package. All of these objects were coming forth from the blossoming flower, and thus the book, as if they had been there all along and just needed someone to open the pages to allow them to come forth. I had many ideas for a mobile from which I would hang several dragonflies and the air balloon and I decided on the pillow stuffing to create a cloud. I liked the texture and light and fun feel that it gave but I mainly picked the material because I knew I could tie it in to the rest of the piece by placing cloud on the table by the book and on the dragonflies as if they had soared through it. I finally used red string, not fishing line, to hang the objects from the mobile. I agree, it was a much better decision than fishing line and I really liked what that small amount of color could do for it visually. 

I learned how to have fun again with this piece. Im not saying that no art is fun, or that it hasn’t been lately, but sometimes I find that when I am working to create things for class on a deadline the pieces lose that certain entertainment and lightheartedness. I know I need art in my life because it often helps me de-stress and it gives me something to accomplish that I think nobody else can (because of the idea, not the skill). This is why I became an art major in the first place. I just needed reminding that I could have just as much fun for a class as I could outside of it and to keep myself in check when I start to feel too frustrated or pressured. For whatever reason I didn’t think this concept would come through as I wanted it to and I am just amazed that it did. It is hard to put something out there that you spend so much time and effort on and genuinely think is a good idea just to be criticized to the nth degree but I can happily say that I am satisfied with everything. I really just hope people enjoyed it as much as I did to be honest. I wouldn’t change a thing. Well maybe not have 8 different shapes and sizes of dragonflies to cut out individually. In the end, I know it was worth it. 


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